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From customer retention to work-flow management and everything in between, we’re connecting mortgage lenders with our vendor partners to create long-term solutions to any problem.

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Our #1 goal

Giving you more time to focus on the growth of your business.

A vast network of partners and years of experience allow you to trust us to work tirelessly to source, vet, and connect you with the clients, services, or integrations that benefit and compliment your operations.

Mortgage Industry Vendors

Sales & Marketing

You have the perfect solutions, let’s find the perfect clients.

Whether you are an established technology integration striving to maintain your market position, or are just starting to break into the industry, our extensive experience in sales auditing, marketing analysis, and campaign execution will ensure your company’s continued growth and success.

Mortgage Lenders

Sales, Marketing,  & Partnership Solutions

We’re on your side of the table.

Our experience in the mortgage industry has allowed us to recognize, analyze, and solve for almost every problem possible. With a network of partners from CRM solutions to Dashboard Integrations to Data Mining, you can trust us to find the solution that’s best for you and your company’s goals.

“Working with SL3 is like working with living legends in the mortgage banking industry. Their wealth of knowledge combined with reputation is unmatched and invaluable.”

Bruce L., PhD
90 Day Sales

Trusted Industry Partners

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Never Stop Growing

The current economic conditions are making businesses focus on margins, efficiencies, and building contingency plans for business fluctuations. This includes finding a strategic partner, selling, equity sharing, raising capital, recruiting, and outsourcing both domestically and offshore. With the right plan and approach, there is no reason for stagnation. Clearly and simply: Your company should be growing.

Executive Support

Every company operates at different levels.

Customized depending on each situation and supported with over 50 years of comprehensive experience in banking and mortgages at every level. Our proven process will allow you to tackle any challenge. Whether for the benefit of a single person or the company as a whole, our extensive knowledge and ability to conduct private conversations at the executive level will allow you to tackle any challenge.

M & A

We know buyers and sellers.

Mergers and Acquisitions can be extremely  challenging. With our very experienced, proven expert resources, we won’t just guide you through the process of establishing confidential rules, we’ll also facilitate introductions with qualified buyers or sellers to ensure your plans are executed and your goals are met.

Management Advisory

Based on success and proven practice.

Our Management Advisory is based on decades of sales and management success in both large and small corporate environments within the mortgage industry, as well as our strong desire to share best practices. Starting with the business vision all the way to continuous improvement, we will make recommendations on how to reach your strategic goals and objectives.

“You can only learn from the past and use that knowledge today for a better tomorrow.”

SupportLink3 is our way of giving back to, and supporting, the professionals just like you. With over 200 years of combined industry experience, our team has seen and experienced almost everything the mortgage industry can throw at us.

You are putting in the work to move up, grow, expand, and become an industry-leader – we’re here to help make that happen.

It’s why we offer our service at no cost to mortgage lenders.


Let’s find solutions

Every day that goes by is a missed opportunity for growth and improvement. Get in touch with us today, and let’s find solutions.

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